Romain Tordo

Dynamic bi-lingual Information Architect with a background in Cyber Security and over 13 years’ experience as a CTO/CIO at publicly listed organizations and government entities.


a little bit about me

An experienced entrepreneur and innovative thinker, able to develop and implement creative solutions, bringing a plethora of working knowledge including design and deployment of private and public cloud infrastructures, real-time monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and Security Operations Center management, virtualization technologies and data integrity.

Demonstrable experience with design, implementation and management of large infrastructures: Unix‐based & Windows servers. A highly effective leader able to manage multi‐cultural and multi‐site teams as well as project management.

An expert in building key stakeholder relationships, negotiation and developing business strategy coupled with successful KPI application and training all delivered with the instinct, insight and timing to ensure commercial success even in challenging economic climates.

SFM Corporate services - CTO
2016 - Present

SFM is one of the world's largest corporate service providers, home to thousands of companies around the globe.
With offices in Dubai, Switzerland, Seychelles and Hong Kong, SFM requires banking level security and a global integration of its offices.

Mondial Dubai - Chief of IT
2014 - Present

Mondial is one of the oldest and most well established financial planning and wealth management organizations in the UAE. Mondial is regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority.
Licensing under the SCA allows Mondial to carry out the function of banking, finance, investment and wealth management consultations with over USD 1 billion AUM. On July 18th 2019, Woodbrook Group acquired Mondial Dubai.

RT - Information Architect & Cybersecurity Consultant
2014 - Present

An international consultancy firm providing information infrastructure and security solutions to various industries, assisting businesses by leading both strategy and implementation of the required policies, practices, platforms and partnerships, ensuring the full information life-cycle of an enterprise is managed effectively.

Coins Cause Change - Founder and CTO
2015 - Present

A turn key solution to donate unused change and reward benevolent behaviors.

naseba - Interim CIO
2018 - 2019

naseba creates growth opportunities, connecting people, partners and ideas. We are deal facilitators, helping clients: raise capital, close sales, enter new markets, secure partners and educate workforce.

naseba - CIO
2008 – 2013

Responsible for establishing the full infrastructure to support and grow the business including BI reporting, Marketing, Sales, Operational tools and Security and integrity of the information systems.

naseba - Infrastructure Director
2006 – 2007

Began as an Intern and quickly moved into the Infrastructure Manager role before being promoted into the Director role with the focus of answering the compliance and information integrity requirements imposed on an international company with 10+ offices around the globe during the process of entering the stock market.

Nemeos - Infrastructure Specialist

A French start‐up that developed and operated the French second largest online selling platform of IT software and hardware dedicated to multimedia spaces and offered consulting services for multimedia spaces and public organizations in addition of running its own chain of cyber spaces.

Recent projects