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Information Architecture


Business Application

Sophie Le Ray

Sophie Le Ray - CEO, naseba

Romain has been instrumental in many other aspects of our business and proven to be a valuable member of the executive team.

Robert Palmer.jpg

Robert Palmer - Director of Wealth Management, Mondial Dubai

Romain took our technology within the company to new heights and most importantly secured our company from the outside world in terms of cyber attacks. Our clients security is paramount and we are now confident the jobs has been done properly.

Louis Enaux.jpg

Louis Enaux - Director, Price Waterhouse Management Consultants

Romain quickly became leader of our technical team. In addition to his clear architect leadership, his diagnosis were always very thorough, thanks to a sound methodical approach.

Nicholas Watson

Nicholas Watson - Chief Digital Officer

Romain was an asset to the company from the 1st day he started working with us. Over the years he developed a thorough understanding of our processes and was quick to look for improvements in the technology we used to run the company, thus making it more efficient.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse some of our projects below.

CTO, CIO Information Architect

CTO and Board Member

On-going positions at several private and public organizations around the globe as CTO and board member.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Reduction of the IT manpower required to support the end-users workstations

Event Management Platform

Event management platform

Cybersecurity Consultant


Digitization of a building facilities management company

Unified Information Infrastructure

Unified Information Infrastructure

Hardware Development

Hardware Development

Cash deposit system

Coins Cause Change

Portfolio management for offshore investments

Portfolio management for offshore investments

Aggregated investment valuations and analysis

Note: Due to Non-disclosure agreement, client companies as well as various technical detail of our projects cannot be disclosed.

Our projects around the globe

Romain Tordo

Romain Tordo

CTO | CIO | Information Architect