Unified Information Infrastructure


The company has offices around the world with no common information system and relied entirely on email exchange to share information. The project took several months to create a centralized authentication and real-time shared folder replications across all offices. This foundation became the pillar of the information infrastructure.

Once every office was connected and relying on a singular structure of Windows based servers, we created replicas of servers (master-slave) to offer redundancy as a part of the business continuity plan.

Web Filtering – Flow Based Antivirus 

Further down the project, we redesigned the firewall strategy to follow the management’s direction.
The client was looking for a way to create a distraction-free work environment where the employees wouldn’t have access to non-productive websites during working hours. This new requirement in the project book of specification, alongside the need to create a holistic data steam security, made us choose Fortigate firewall.

Using Fortigate firewall at the top of each network offered us the possibility to deploy an efficient web filtering strategy and sufficient security:

  • We deployed a monthly automated internal network vulnerability scan – on both end-user and servers.

  • We created web filtering rules to ensure distraction-free work environment and maximizing internet bandwidth use by limiting the access to social networks, media streaming and other non-productive sites.

  • We decreased the amount of malware downloaded by users accessing internet by using an antivirus on the edge router to analyze the flow of data and stop the transfer of a potentially harmful document before reaching the end user machine.


4 months

Microsoft Windows Server 2013 – Active Directory authentication & DFSR multi-master replication engine
Fortigate – Web Filtering & SFlow
Proprietary solution for automated vulnerability assessment

Key numbers and benefits
3.7 TB of active data replicated across 11 offices
3 data centers
20%+ of increased up-time due to business continuity strategy and disaster recovery procedures
Increase in detection of malware on network
Increased employee hourly productivity



Note: Due to Non-disclosure agreement, the client company name as well as various technical details cannot be disclosed.