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Augmented and Virtual Reality, a new field for hackers

 Augmented and Virtual Reality, a new field for hackers

This is a follow up of my last article on virtual reality and augmented reality

In the last article I kept aside several topics: physical, medical, psychological arm and legal framework. This time, I would like to asses them to provide a holistic analysis of the cybersecurity threat.

  • Physical security. Possibility of injury due to lack of balance or walking in a wall.

  • Medical risk. Risk of eye strains due to focusing on intense lighting from close distance.

  • Psychological arm. The risk of perception disorder in the cognitive process.

  • Legal precariousness. The gap between legal framework and technology revolution. The battle of Disruption versus Precedent. This led to unreal situation, FBI vs Apple, driverless car responsibility, drone’s regulations.

  • Hack, Theft and IP ownership. Ensure the integrity and ownership of objects, assets and transactions