Event Management Platform
Deployment & Integration



The client has several worldwide known annual events around the globe with 8000 attendees and 200 speakers. The event management solution used previously was created by various freelancers over the years.

By 2017, the solution had reached its limits and a holistic re-engineering of the operational chain was needed.

We embraced the project and leveraged our 10 years of event management experience to redesign the core business workflow, craft the book of specifications and even model some of the custom hardware needed for the registration process.



  • Simplify the event management information system

  • Go “paperless” using a mobile app for the attendees

  • Offer contextual just-in-time information to the on-site operation team

  • Reduce on-site registration line

Effortless check-in and leads generation with NFC badges

Effortless check-in and leads generation with NFC badges

Zone control and attendees movement tracking solution

Zone control and attendees movement tracking solution


Based on the initial analysis, the existing applications that formed the solution were deeply anchored in many aspects of the organization. A simple event management solution available on the market was not enough. A holistic approach of the information system was required.

Attendee mobile app with live agenda

Attendee mobile app with live agenda

B2B pre-scheduled appointment management

B2B pre-scheduled appointment management

Personal agenda

Personal agenda

Direct messages, Poll, Surveys and Panel Q&A

Direct messages, Poll, Surveys and Panel Q&A



The system needed to cover:

  • Attendees on-boarding and vetting process

  • Sponsors on-boarding and multi sponsor attendee’s registration

  • Speaker and agenda supervision

  • Meetings scheduler and personal agenda management

  • Venue, Hotel room and Flight ticket management

  • Attendees tickets and Sponsor package payment facilities

  • Tablet application for event operations team

  • Mobile application for attendees for agenda, Q&A with speakers during sessions and messaging

  • Invoicing & Financial reconciliation

  • Transactional and Marketing emails

  • Privacy Standards – GDPR / PCI DSS / Privacy Shield (EU & Swiss)


Overall project solution – 19 calendar months
Event management - 5 men months
Financial solution integration – 2 men months
Mobile application – 5 men months
iPad application – 5 men months
Creation of synchronization tools to move data between the CRM and the event management solution – 3 men weeks
Integration with email platform – 1 men month
Integration with travel aggregator – 3 men weeks
Integration with hotel booking engine compatible with our partners – 1 men month

Microsoft Server 2016
Microsoft CRM on-premises
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Azure – app service, azure functions, batch, service bus
Custom low latency storage and in-memory solution design based on 3D XPoint to reduce latency
NFC enabled badges
Event Management Solution
Language: Swift, .net, Angular

Key numbers
50 % Reduction of queue line using self-serve check-in stations
99.9% UPTIME
30% Increased of upsell – sponsorship package, travel and accommodations
Reduction of manpower needed to run the operation and back office administration